Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Suspension

    1. Introduction to Long and Deep Breathing

    2. Lower Breath (Abdominal Breath)

    3. Middle Breath (Chest Breath)

    4. Upper Breath (Clavicular Breath

    5. Full Long and Deep Breathing

    1. Breath of Fire

    2. Lion Breath

    3. Cannon Breath

    1. Whistle Breath

    1. Introduction to Segmented Breathing

    2. Segmented Breath : 4-1 Ratio

    3. Segmented Breath: 4-4 Ratio

    4. Segmented Breath: 8-8 Ratio

    5. Segmented Breath: 8-4 Ratio

    6. Segmented Breath: 4-8 Ratio

    1. Left Nostril Breath

    2. Right Nostril Breath Breath

    3. Left to Right Nostril Breath

    4. Right to Left Nostril Breath

    5. Full Alternate Nostril Breathing Sequence

About this course

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  • 29 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


Professional Wizard, Shaman, Kundalini Yogi, Mystic and Spiritual Coach Mark Keane

Mark TJ Keane, following a personal awakening in 2003, has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, Shamanism, Wizardry, Magic, Mysticism, Advanced Meditation and many Spiritual and Esoteric subjects. He is pioneering his own re-imagined forms such as Shamanic Dragon Yoga and Ancient Egyptian Serpent Shamanism. He is co-creator of Kundalini Clubbing in the UK since 2014. He teaches in person globally and has thousands of students in every country in the world.

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